To obtain a full-time position where I can further develop my software engineering, web programming, and leadership skills for the solution of real world problems.


I'm a Full-Stack Application Developer, seeking a developer role (part-time, contract, or consulting basis) .


Languages: Python, JavaScript, C++, Java     Frameworks: Flask, Django, Bootstrap

Technologies: Git and GitHub, HTML, CSS, Sass, Linux/Unix, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Handlebars, Socket.IO, Ajax

Other: Bilingual (English & Spanish), MATLAB


Book Reviews

Python, Flask, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, JSON

Deployment: Linux Server – Nginx and Gunicorn   Link

A book review website similar in spirit to Goodreads. Users are able to register with a username and password. Once registered, a user can view or leave reviews on a book. A user can query books in the database by tittle, author, or ISBN. The app also uses a third-party API to pull in ratings for query searches performed by the user. The app also supports direct query access via a JSON API route.

Chat by OM

Python, JavaScript, Flask, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Handlebars, Ajax, Socket.IO

Deployment: Linux Server – Nginx and Gunicorn   Link

A server-side JS driven online instant messaging service web application. Users are able to create a display name, join or create a chatroom. Users have to ability to either send a message to a private user or to all users in a chatroom. Using localStorage the application remembers the username and last visited channel. Ajax is used to dynamically update a chatroom when a new user enters the room.

Ecommerce Pizza

Python, Django, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Handlebars, Ajax, SQL, ORM, Stripe API

Deployment: Linux Server – Apache and WSGI   Link

An ecommerce website that handles a pizza restaurant’s online orders. Users are able to register, browse menu items, and place online orders; user-orders are place into a shopping cart where they can be updated, modified, and saved. The Stripe API was used to handle credit card payments. Object-relational mapping (ORM) was used to model SQL tables that the application uses. Because of ORM, menu items can be dynamically updated and modified.

Seam Carving

Java, Dijkstra's algorithm, Iterables, Pixel Energy Function  

A content-aware image resizing application where an image is reduced in size while preserving the most interesting features (aspect ratio, set of objects present, etc.) of the image. This is a classic shortest path problem in an edge-weighted digraph. Because an image is ultimately a set of pixels, a picture can be modeled as graph where each pixel is a vertex with three directed, outward edges that point to neighboring pixels. The “edge-weight” (for a given pixel) is the energy measure of its neighboring pixels. The energy measure represents the relative importance of a pixel (calculated by the gradient energy function).